Michael Medoway is known for telling authentic stories that weave brand culture into honest narratives. His work blends elements of vérité realism with cinematic polish.

Michael was selected for a 2019 YDA and included in SHOOT’s 2019 New Directors Showcase for his work on the Lexus branded film, ”The Art of The Dunk.” For a 2020 Detroit Pistons anthem campaign, Michael was awarded a CLIO and was shortlisted for an ADC Award. Michael’s work has been featured in Shots, Little Black Book, BooooooomTV and Director’s Notes.

Michael loves, in no particular order: basketball, coffee, Haruki Murakami novels, red wine and good company.

His favorite flower is hibiscus. It reminds him of his mom and the apartment they lived in growing up that had a large bush outside.

We make beautiful work.

Let’s bloom together.

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