Ryan Girard is a seasoned commercial director with over a decade of industry experience. Hailing from the heart of Cleveland and now thriving in Austin for the past four years, Ryan's journey began with high-profile collaborations alongside the NBA, the NFL, and his breakthrough into the blue-collar automotive scene. With a unique blend of musicality and editing expertise, Ryan's hallmark is his unwavering commitment to rhythm and pacing, resulting in meticulously crafted scenes that exude precision and artistic finesse. He's played a pivotal role in enhancing the narratives of leading brands such as Toyota, Duracell, LG, and AMD, breathing new life into their stories. Rooted in a profound passion for automobiles,

Ryan's love for cars was passed down through generations, nurtured by his father, who instilled in him the appreciation of the journey and the engineering artistry behind it. Drawing from this profound connection, Ryan infuses his automotive projects with the same excitement and admiration he feels behind the wheel.

Currently, Ryan is immersed in the production of a captivating short film titled "An Ode to the Stick Shift." This multimedia project seamlessly weaves together scripted narrative, cutting-edge AI elements, and compelling documentary footage to pay homage to the manual transmission in an automatic world. When he’s not directing or editing, Ryan enjoys playing shows with his band Walkabouts, and backpacking with his wife Molly, and dog, Bodhi.

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