About Tony

Tony McNamara’s artistic philosophy is grounded in storytelling and humanity. He feels that by exploring the subtext of any story, you often find the hidden subtleties that aren’t visible at first blush. His early work with National Geographic and his experience shooting nationalcommercials around the world from India, to Europe, Canada and Mexico has helped him to develop work that is both beautiful and human.

One of the spots that really highlights Tony’s ability to weave warmth and humanity into a spot is Orvis-Living the Dream. An epic story that tells how serendipitously a young couple meet, female guide is hired by an aspiring fly-fisherman, and through wonderful circumstances become friends, lovers, married and then have their first child. The story is embelished with a very close association with the brand, but nothing is lost in the intimacy of their journey, as their lives are intertwined with the brand serving as the canvas, in a beautiful and touching way.

Tony says,” I am always most proud of the projects I’ve done that solicit a true emotion. I
understand the powerful aspect of marrying the brand to the concept, and Living the Dream is a fine example of that. The blending of story, with a soulful and meaningful vibe to it creates a seamless bond between brand and lifestyle that means so much more to the viewer. The reward of hearing from many people how something like your commercial really touched them is very rewarding. It lasts far beyond the paycheck. That’s when you know you’ve done it right.”

Tony has experienced the privilege of working on brands such as Nike, Bank of America, Bose, Pennzoil, Jameson, Pentax, Bahamas Tourism, Wyoming Tourism, Colorado Cancer Center, McDonald’s, Benjamin Moore, and oh so many more.